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Corporate Governance

We understand good governance not as an end goal but a framework by which long-term shareholder value can be created.

ARC is committed to governance policies and procedures that promote the interests of our shareholders and strengthen the accountability of management and the Board of Directors.  Critical to the process is our commitment to full, true and plain disclosure, as well as to openness and trustful communication between all parties including the Board of Directors, management, employees and shareholders.  Here are some of the ways that ARC is putting our commitment to good governance into action:

Board of Directors:  ARC’s Board of Directors consists of ten highly skilled individuals, who bring broad knowledge and expertise to their role.  They understand their role as stewardship of the company, including, but not limited to, oversight of strategic planning, procedures and policies and succession planning.  We believe an effective board is one where members are educated, empowered and able to act independently.  Of ARC’s ten directors, eight are considered independent. The position of the Chairman of the Board is independent and separate from that of the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Shareholder engagement: Shareholder engagement is a top priority.  Real engagement goes beyond compliance, involving proactive and open communications with all of our shareholders. We constantly strive to improve shareholder communication and to create avenues to increase engagement and dialogue.  In my role, I am on the road meeting with investors and am available to discuss any issues or questions they may have.  We maintain a current website, ensuring that our shareholders have access to the most current and relevant information.  Our investor relations team responds to shareholder enquiries in person, by email or on the phone.  In the past few years we have become active on social media, increasing our reach and communicating ARC’s story to a wider audience.   Our varied communication platforms ensure that we are accessible and responsive to our shareholders.

  • Shareholder engagement is a top priority.  Real engagement goes beyond compliance, involving proactive and open communications with all of our shareholders.

Commitment to Progress:  Our goal is to be at the forefront of corporate practices.  We monitor emerging issues and trends and benchmark our practices against leading research, and where appropriate we adopt new practices.  In the past few years, we have adopted a Say-On-Pay advisory vote on executive compensation, implemented individual director voting in place of former voting by slate and we have participated in the new Notice and Access provisions for communications with Beneficial Shareholders.   

Beyond strong policies and procedures, good governance is nothing if it is not truly lived by the organization.  At ARC, it is seen as the responsibility of all employees to adhere to these standards and to uphold ARC’s culture of trust, integrity, respect and accountability. Our executive team ensures performance expectations are aligned with governance commitments and that expectations are clearly communicated to everyone in the organization.  This is how ARC fulfills its commitment to good governance.


David Carey
Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

For detailed information on ARC’s governance policies and procedures please visit www.arcresources.com/governance